Antisocial Media

Despite my atheism, Lent is always a tempting prospect. The idea of giving something up: something which is bad for me, something which is potentially making life more difficult, something which my life would benefit from the removal of, is a refreshing one.

I can’t give up cake as my birthday falls during the forty days (and even if I could cope with the lack of candle-blowing, my children would be up in arms…); I can’t give up chocolate as Lent, this year, starts on Valentine’s Day… and for us, that involves all things sweet ❤️; and I can’t give up smoking or drinking as I quit the smokes eight or so years back and rarely dabble with booze.

While mulling over the whole Lent quandary the other morning, after dropping my eldest daughter at school, my youngest daughter ran up to me in a panic.

“What’s the matter, poppet, what do you have there?!?” (Noticing she was running down the hallway waving something around in the air, yelling “Mummy! Mummy!”)

She breathlessly replied: “Here’s your phone, Mummy!”

In that moment I realised, to my two year old, the thought of me being separated from my (precious) phone was cause for grave concern. A couple of days later she woke up and yelled “Is it morning time??!” I called out “Yes, poppet, I’ll be there in a minute!” Her reply? “Ok Mummy, is you on the phone?” Gulp. (I was actually on the toilet. Sans phone).

I can’t say it’s all that surprising – I describe myself on Linked-In as a ‘Social Media Oversharer’ and it’s no exaggeration. Photos of my children, pets, house, clothes; instagramming my food (yep, guilty!), constant tagging in memes, spending every moment of my youngest daughter’s nap time and most of every evening scrolling through Facebook group chats and news, sharing blogs and funny parenting posts over on my ‘Bungalow Burn’ Facebook page and generally noseying at other people’s lives – I spend a hell of a lot of time being ‘sociable’ with (mostly) strangers inside my phone – and if my two-year-old daughter has noticed it to this degree, it’s clearly creeping into our family time more than I would like to admit to aswell.

So, there we have it. I’m throwing my phone away.

Just kidding – it’s rose gold and lovely and, you know, WhatsApp… But I am having a little break from Social Media for the duration of Lent and I feel liberated already; having only today made the decision to unplug and spend time on more important matters – like the real people around me who I know and love.

So… it’s farewell from me for a few weeks (as of Tuesday at midnight) – I’ll be back with a blog about my Facebook-free extravaganza, of course. In the meantime, stay awesome and remember – life is for living, not observing✌🏼😘 xx


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