Less is More (2018)

As we come to the end of yet another crazy, fun, busy, loud and special year, I’ve been pondering my New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve come to the conclusion that (after a mass declutter this December) 2018 is the start of a life of ‘less is more’ for me and my loves.

This month we took part in ‘Reverse Advent’ – a concept which sees participants removing at least three items from their home each day in the build-up to Christmas. I bloody loved it and literally NO stone was left unturned in this gaff. My eldest daughter merrily selected fifteen teddies to send to the charity shop and I even convinced my husband now was a good time to sort out the loft.

(A few before and after pics…)



Oh and here are a few snaps which signify the biggest lesson I learned throughout the process… ‘Hot Spots’. These are the danger zones in your home where clutter just seems to collect without you even noticing. We had two – a chair in our bedroom and the fondly known Messy Drawer in our kitchen. I decided to not only tidy but TOTALLY REMOVE our Hot Spots. Take the Messy Drawer as an example – I decluttered it, and on assessment of how few things remained in there I decided I could easily find other homes for the bits and pieces. So the Messy Drawer became the Utensils Drawer, and the overflowing, space-stealing Utensils Pot became the Windowsill Tidy.
(I can’t tell you how many times Tom’s put the sellotape in my new Utensils Drawer… but I’m working on that!)


The one problem? Christmas happened. And anyone with little ones around will know that Christmas = Stuff. I wouldn’t say we’re back to square one, but WOW have we had an influx of things… so it’s time to recommence the tidying after our usual NYE trip to the coast to blow away the cobwebs.

It’s not just the clutter, on reflection, there are other things I really ought to have less of, do less of… and by comparison there needs to be an increase in things which make us all happier, healthier and more positive.


So here it is – my non-exhaustive, far-from-concise list of 2018 Resolutions. Have a wonderful one, folks! 🥂

1. Less dairy, more sleep

2. Less spending (Not really optional, if I’m honest…), more movement (also pretty essential, given the size of my arse…)

3. Less worrying, more reading

4. Less Facebook, more plants

5. Less waste, more preloved

6. Less fast food, more new recipes

7. Less stuff, more laughs

8. Less hair washing, more nail painting

9. Less judging, more flossing

And finally

10. Less shouting (argh! So so so need to work on this) and more smiling

Here’s to a marvellous 2018 for you all – oh and definitely more use of the word ‘marvellous’ needed!! 👌🏼


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