So this is Four

Four is tender, kind and sweet. Four cups her sister’s face and asks “What’s wrong, darling?”

Four holds a grudge and never forgets. Four is not keen on her Great Grandma, ten weeks after a pretty minor telling off. 

Four is loud, boisterous and adventurous. Four likes to clamber and climb and leap. Four is covered in bruises.  

Four is a bookworm. Four loves to learn. Four is going to school next week and Four is ready. 

Four is a hoarder. Four likes to borrow things wherever she goes. Four answers back and questions everything. 

Four is curious about death. Four is afraid of being alone. Four throws herself into every hug with wild abandon. 

Four is anxious, sensitive and shy. Four has nightmares and afterwards will sleep holding on to you for dear life. 

Four is sometimes rude, often bolshy and almost always forgets her manners. 

Four is picky and particular but will try new foods with her eyes shut. 

Four is unreasonable, stroppy and impatient. Four is a lot like her Mother.

Four is crafty, clever and cunning. Four wakes her sister up on purpose and hides favourite toys.

Four is a handful. Four is hard work. Four has a lot going on. 

Four is brave and oh so cute. 

Four is creative. Four has a vivid imagination. Four lives in a world where toys come to life and mermaids are real. 

Four is hilarious and witty. Four is a chatterbox. Four loves to make new friends. Four sometimes even asks “What’s your name?” loud enough for the other person to hear. 

Four is ticklish. Four is fun. Four laughs until she gets hiccups. Four gets changed eleven times a day. 

Four shouts “hello” at strangers from the car window. Four almost gave an elderly cyclist a heart attack last week. 

Four pushes the boundaries. Four doesn’t listen. Four makes her Mother shout and feel guilty. Four’s Mother left a ‘Gentle Parenting’ group this week because how gentle can someone really be after shouting that loud?!?

Four is the furthest we’ve both been. Four is a challenge. Four is special. Just like Three, Four will be over too quickly. 


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  1. I love this. I hope your daughter reads this some day and sees how well her mum knows her inside and out.


    1. bungalowburn says:

      Bless your heart, that’s a very kind thing to say – I’d love for her to read my blogs one day xxx


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