‘Mum style’

Once upon a student loan, I was an enthusiastic follower of fashion. I spent a small fortune on glossy magazines, knew what was “in” and made damn sure I owned high-street copies of the absolute must-haves, regardless of my bank balance and body shape. 

Now I’m a stay at home Mum I have neither the funds nor the energy for all that trend worship but I will absolutely always love clothes. And bags. And shoes. And scarves. And I bloody love a bargain, probably even more so now we have just one income – in fact, well over half of my current wardrobe is vintage/secondhand. I find it fascinating how different people interpret different ideas and styles and make things work for them but lately I’ve lost the ability to do this for myself. 

I’ve had two babies, gaining and losing a significant (/colossal!!) amount of weight twice over, dramatically changing shape as a result. Lately this has left me feeling a little bewildered when it comes to ‘my look’ as things I used to gravitate towards no longer suit me – and neither did half of the contents of my wardrobe! The good news is I’m not in bad shape – it’s just not the shape I’m used to, and I sadly don’t think my waist and I will ever be reunited, no matter how hard I work out.

With my new job role and post-kids-bod in mind, I’ve been Kon Mari’ing my wardrobe (Kon Mari is a tidying concept coined by Maria Kondo, where you basically work through everything you own and only keep items which genuinely ‘spark joy’) and I’m very nearly there. Firstly I removed anything which didn’t fit – I used to own clothes varying across FOUR different sizes so you can imagine how many items were just gathering dust! Then I went back through and took out anything which no longer suits me. Then I went back over it again and got rid of anything I simply don’t reach for, which is where several office-wear items met their maker. 

So now I have a wardrobe full of clothes which fit me, suit me, and make me smile. My Mum Style is evolving, and I thoroughly recommend the process for anyone who is feeling a bit stifled, fashion-wise. I’m still in need of a couple more items: I’m longing for a black maxi skirt for Summer, lusting over a vintage white tunic I’ve seen on an online selling page and keeping my eyes peeled for a new occasion dress for a friend’s August wedding. 

Once I’ve secured these last few gems, I plan to give it another once-over (I have a feeling I may have held on to a couple of things for sentimental reasons but they don’t really suit me anymore) and from that point I’m planning a ‘one in, one out’ policy, so my wardrobe still has room to evolve without getting out of hand again. It’s far from being a capsule as I love different colours and prints too much, but it’s now much more manageable size-wise and nothing will be lost, or worse, forgotten – clothes are made to be worn, after all! 

With that in mind I’ve set myself a challenge this week. I’ve organised my newly-downsized wardrobe into rainbow colour order (this sparks A LOT of joy!!) and intend to work my way through one colour each day – in standard rainbow order, naturally. I’ll blog about my findings once I’ve completed my colourful challenge, so watch this space for a rainbow update and please check out my Instagram and Facebook pages (BungalowBurn) in the meantime xxxxx 🌈


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