Another Year, Another New Year’s Resolution… 

My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions centred around spending less time online and more time doing the things I love, including reading one book each month. Well, I’m about 150 pages shy of meeting that target – and I racked up a fair amount of online hours last year but, despite breaking my own rules, I won’t be apologising for my Facebook frolics: my precious online time has taught me about many, many brilliant things over the last twelve months. 

In real life I said hello to a new role as a Stay at Home Mum and two gorgeous new nieces, Lily and Darcey. Then, thanks to the money-saving, eco-friendly lovelies inside my phone, I attempted to say goodbye to eating meat on a Monday. (It’s a work in progress – mostly because I’ve usually shoved a sausage roll into my mouth before I realise what day it is…)

In real life I said a very sad final farewell to my beloved Grandpa and one of the several Facebook groups to which I belong helped me to welcome the joy-sparking concept of Konmari into my world as I became less centred on ‘stuff’ and more focused on what really matters: family. 

Instagram taught me a new way to cook eggs and my baby-wearing group reassured me that co-sleeping wasn’t the Mother of all Evils after all – we’ve all had SO much more sleep as a result, and far too many fry-ups. 

Our little Rose started preschool and, thanks to some of the nicest, crunchiest Mama’s to grace my timeline, I stopped buying tampons. (Seriously, if you are a menstruating woman who hasn’t heard of a Mooncup you simply MUST google it). 

I’ve taken part in many a RAOK (random act of kindness) online and felt inspired to gift one fellow baby-wearer with a pair of shoes of mine which she loved but couldn’t afford (car trouble) and I’ve also recently started a love affair with all things ‘Scandi'(navian). 

If it hadn’t been for my online running buddies I’m pretty sure my 2016-borne love of pounding the pavement would have fallen by the wayside, (any running Mums reading this pleeeeeaase do yourselves a huge favour and check out ‘Run Mummy Run’ on Facebook, I have honestly never known a more supportive bunch of people) and I certainly wouldn’t have been inspired to run further and faster than ever before during the month of November when I ran in a Virtual Race for Remembrance Day. They sent me a medal and everything. 

Late-2016 social media discoveries have me longing for a life in Denmark, ‘the happiest place in the world’, but I’ll settle for a big old dollop of ‘hygge’ as I snuggle under a soft blanket with a hot chocolate to finish my last read of the year (think cosy, warm, fuzzy feelings and the things which encourage them and you’ve pretty much nailed this rapidly-emerging popular Danish concept).

2016 was the very special year that saw me and my other half finally set a date for our wedding and 2017 will see us (hopefully!!) tie the knot on our ten year anniversary in May. Alongside practising my new signature, I plan to work on my environmental consciousness in 2017 (I’m considering composting and have started to research making some of my own cosmetics and cleaning products) and I’ve promised my tired, aching muscles I’ll have a little dabble with yoga too. So, here’s to a bendy year and one very happy new husband ; )!! 

Happy New Year, everyone xx 


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