I’ll remember (for us both) ❤️

The times we sneak off, just you and me

When you plunged chunky thighs bravely into the sea

Because you’re too busy having buckets of fun

To think of tomorrow, or things yet to come 
The days you just want to be held close and tight

From morning through noon and into the night 

Because you’re still too young to hold on to your worries 

Your thoughts and ideas come as bursts or in flurries  
The laughter and squeals, the giggles and larks

Sunny days spent so happy in playgrounds and parks

Because you’re brand new and yet still so real

So eager to grow, learn, explore and to feel 
The moments you stare deep into my eyes

My joyful heart swells, trebling in size 

Because you’re still so small and not really sure

Your young mind is still fresh, your love is so pure 

Some days are hard and they last for so long

But the years will fly by like a bird full of song

Because you’re my baby and always will be

I’ll remember for us both, for you… and for me 😘👶🏼 


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