A woman’s smile

A bottle-feeding mother sees a breastfeeding mother and smiles. She thinks ‘I wish I had stuck at breastfeeding, she looks so serene and Earth-Motherly, knowing she is doing the best for her child, but it was just too hard’. 

The breastfeeding mother smiles back at the bottle-feeding mother and thinks ‘If only I’d introduced a bottle earlier, I haven’t been out by myself in eight months and I’m exhausted. I bet she goes out by herself whenever she likes and her child looks just as healthy and happy as mine’.

A curvy woman smiles at a slim woman who is eating a burger and fries. She looks up from her salad and thinks ‘Wow, I wish I could eat that and be as slim as her’. 

The slim woman smiles back at the curvy woman and thinks to herself ‘If only I could gain weight, look at that woman’s amazing figure – now there’s a real woman’. 

A stay-at-home-Mum smiles at a business woman on her way to work as she strolls along with her baby in a pushchair, holding her toddler’s hand. She thinks to herself ‘Wow, look how smart she looks. I wish I had the time to spruce myself up like that and achieve something outside of our home’. 

The business woman smiles back and thinks to herself ‘I miss my children so much, I hope they are having a good time at Nursery. I wish I could afford to stay at home with them’. 

An elderly woman smiles at a young woman rushing by, as she sits on a park bench. She thinks to herself ‘I’d give anything to have my youth back, look at her dashing about. I can’t even make it to town and back without a rest anymore’. 

The young woman smiles back and thinks ‘If only I could take it easy, look at that elderly woman without a care in the world, she can take her time and I’m always in a hurry’.

A new Mother takes her baby swimming for the first time and sees a woman about her age in a bikini. She smiles at her and thinks ‘Wow. I bet I’ll never wear a bikini again, even my stretch marks have stretch marks, she looks incredible’. 

The bikini-clad woman smiles back and thinks ‘That is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. I must keep praying for a miracle, and one day that might be me with a child of my own’.

A woman smiles because the sun is shining, she is healthy, blessed with a beautiful family and friends and a life full of warmth and love. Another woman sees this smile and it makes her think of all the things she is grateful for and, despite the bad day she is having, she smiles back. 


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