Thinking sunny thoughts ☀️

Aaaaah British Summer time. It’s on it’s way, folks. I can feel it. Hell, I can almost SMELL it. Birds singing, bees buzzing, sun shining. Pre-children I loved the sunny season (mostly due to the pull of the local beer garden), but post-children I think I possibly love it even more, and here’s why…

#1 Washing

Yep. Number 1. Seriously, the elation I feel from hanging washing out on the line knowing it is drying for FREE is worthy of the top spot on this list. Judge all you want, it’s staying up there, despite the stiff-as-a-board towels.

#2 The Great Outdoors

Want to know why it’s so great? Because they take the mess outside with them. Joyous.

#3 Al fresco dining

Weaning is messy. I plan on eating EVERY MEAL out on the decking once it’s warm enough. In fact we already had one meal outside in March. Yes, they wore coats. No, I didn’t bother sweeping up.

#4 Lighter evenings

Boy do I love my evenings. That little snippet of time between the kids bedtime and my own, where I can slob in front of the TV, go for a swim, maybe do a few odd jobs, even go for a jog if the mood strikes (it rarely does). There’s something about the light evenings which tricks me into feeling like I’ve got an extra couple of hours each day, just for me. It’s heaven – even if, in reality, I’m just going to bed far too late. 

#5 Days out

Anywhere and everywhere. Especially the beach. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Yes, we get sand bloody everywhere but we have a jolly good time and sea air is a magical sleep aid so the drive home is always blissfully peaceful. And it’s FREE. What more could you possibly want? 

#6 Crazy weather

We moan when it’s too cold, we moan when it’s too hot, but oh my goodness how amazing is it after a humid, stifling hot spell when it finally buckets down with rain? That SMELL. I would bottle it if I could. 

#7 No socks

This one pleases both me and my toddler greatly and the baby is already showing severe signs of sock-aversion too. Get those toes out. Paint them pretty colours and feel the grass between them. Hello, Birkies, Goodbye corrugated ankles. Enough said.

#8 Freckles

I would say “suntan” but I would only be kidding myself. For me, it’s more about a smattering of freckles across my nose and a healthy glow which makes such a welcome change from looking corpse-like the rest of the year.

#9 Food

I would barbecue all day, every day if it was financially viable and calorie-free. And who doesn’t love an ice cream cone for pud? Lots of sprinkles and an extra flake, please and thank you very much. 

#10 Blink & you’ll miss it…

What’s not to like, really? Ok, wasps. Oh and those horrid tiny black thunder flies/midges. And the stickiness of everything. Fears over the children’s sun cream, melted ice creams, sand in your pants, ant-infested decking because someone dropped a Calypso. Accidentally treading on an angry bumble bee when walking around barefoot. When it rains unexpectedly and you haven’t had the pushchair rain cover with you for weeks. Eating so many chipolatas that you feel sick. Not being able to sleep because it’s so damn hot. Getting out of the shower and being sweaty before you even reach for your (crusty, line-dried) towel. Maybe the best thing of all about the summer is that we will probably only get three days of it, tops. Not to worry, it’ll be Autumn before we know it… 


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