2016: the year I will keep my resolutions

Aaaahhhh a new start. A clean slate. A blank page. A fresh, shiny new year. My 33rd, to be precise. And for at least half of my life I’ve been making resolutions as January rolls round and breaking them before the shops fill with teddy bears and heart shaped chocolates. 

Well, this year is different. This is the first year I’ve decided to fool-proof my resolutions by setting myself lovely, positive and enjoyable things to achieve. Treats, really – and who doesn’t love being spoiled from time to time? 

1. Sleep more. With a bedtime-dodging toddler and a grazing four-month-old baby, there are two ways this will be achieved. Two delightful ways, both of which are music to my ears – early nights and naps. From now on, I will be closing my eyes for a cat nap when I get chance and sending myself to bed early a couple of times a week.


2. Pampering. I’ve already booked a spa day in Feb with a well-deserving Mummy friend, and as I write this blog I am sitting with my feet in a bowl of silky, warm water. Earlier today, instead of slapping my moisturiser on, I took five minutes to massage it in to my (tired, haggard) face. Easy peasy.

3. Read more – blog posts and online articles don’t count. Books. Books. Books. Read more books to my beautiful girls and aim to read a novel a month for myself. Oh, and enjoy my monthly magazine subscription too (thanks to my MiL-to-be for a fabulous Xmas pressie). 

4. Ready, set, bake. I am really starting to enjoy baking, and so is my gorgeous big girl, Rose. Today we made Olaf biscuits and last week I made mince pies. Both were cheats (shop bought pastry and a kids cookie-kit) but that’s ok – I’m the one setting the rules after all.

5. Create more masterpieces. Sewing, making cards, creating art, taking photographs. I’m particularly excited about this one as I love making things so, so much and I have a few ideas in mind already – some solo projects, and MANY involving my two little poppets.


Now I may be giving myself a head-start by setting myself such enjoyable resolutions but before I get too smug about it all I know something’s got to give if I’m going to find time to sleep, pamper, read, bake and really get stuck in to crafting in 2016. So, I asked myself one very important question:

What do I waste time on?

Well, the answer is in my hand right now. It was also in my hand about thirty seconds after I woke up this morning, and (shamefully) it has been in my hand on more than one occasion recently while I’ve sat at the table eating dinner with my family. 

So, here is my one challenging resolution, the one which will be a tricky habit to break – the one which HAS to happen in order for the other five to become remotely possible:

6. Put the damn phone down.


The girls nap – I pick my phone up. 
The girls go to bed at night – I pick my phone up. I’m waiting for the kettle to boil – I pick my phone up. There’s an advert on TV – I pick my phone up. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Basically it’s become an automatic reaction to any ‘spare’ time to grab my phone and scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc – and actually there are (at least five…) other ways I would like to be spending those free moments.

So here’s to 2016 – the year of fun, laughter, family and spending time more wisely – it’s precious, after all. 

Happy New Year, everyone. 


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