Terrific Twos

I’ve had enough of this ‘Terrible Twos’ label our toddlers are given. Yes, they push the boundaries, have meltdowns and throw tantrums for seemingly no real reason, but they can’t always find the words to express their frustration and are mastering new skills at an alarming rate – can we really blame them for finding things tough?! They whinge, whine and push your buttons but -let’s face it – many adults also fit this description, and they don’t have half the shit our toddlers have going on to deal with. 

Alongside the bolshiness, being two has brought out some amazing qualities in our daughter Rose:

1. Truckloads of affection – in just one day, Rose expressed love for: soup, pyjamas, her little sister, her bedtime story, green balloons, Tipping Point, Nan, Grandad, slippers, soap, baths, pink jeans and an ice cream made out of half a wooden lemon stuck to half a wooden carrot

2. A brilliant imagination – see ‘ice cream’ above

3. A laugh-til-you-almost-pee sense of humour – last Sunday, she repeatedly climbed into a bag in the shopping trolley and burst out yelling “Here I am!!!” and it was absolutely hilarious

4. An unquenchable thirst for discovery – “What’s that?!” 

5. A crazy memory – yesterday she said “Mummy, Jenny sat in there…” and pointed to the middle car seat where her Aunty sat for just one journey over three months ago and she still talks about the time Grandad hurt his back jumping on the bed, which was AGES ago (but not so far back that he shouldn’t have known better…)

6. A sense of pride I only wish I could boast for myself – “Mummy, I did it!!!”

7. Oodles of bossiness – she told me and Daddy T off in the car as we were taking while she was trying to listen to her “Moosic” 

8. An incredible sense of style – this morning she insisted on wearing a yellow dress so she could “spin like Elsa” with stripy tights and a flowery cardigan – and she looked ace

9. Independence – often when I try to help with things these days I get a firm “I can do it”

10. Enthusiasm aplenty – being given the chance to see the world through the eyes of a two year old is such a treat – especially at this time of year. Christmas lights get an amazed “WOW!”, any music we hear is responded to with dancing and twirling, yummy foods are given the “Mmm delicious!” seal of approval and life is generally an exciting, wonderful, awe-insiring delight – if only adults could be so appreciative of the wonder around them, eh?

So I am embracing this period in Rose’s life. I love that she knows what she wants, she isn’t afraid to tell us how she’s feeling, and that she feels passionate about being able to do things for herself – qualities which will stand her in good stead in later life, I’m sure. I’m grumpy when I’m tired, I’m moody when I’m hungry – and if I ever happen to be hungry AND tired I resemble the Hulk with PMS, so I can’t really feel too badly about Rose behaving the way she does when she needs a nap or a snack.  

So from now on, I’m calling it ‘Terrific Twos’, because every day spent with our terrific two year old is full of fun, energy, laughter, smiles and love. Yes, there are ridiculous tantrums – I can still remember the first one she had (she couldn’t decide between her bumbo or her high chair to sit in to eat a yoghurt) – but when the storm settles, I get to spend time with a funny, caring, sweet and sensitive little girl – and I’m so proud that she’s my daughter. 



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