Poorly toddler = Anything goes…

10 things which have gone out of the window with Rose being poorly this week (she’s got a nasty virus/flu-type thing combined with conjunctivitis, we think):

1. Sugar rules: I’ve suggested she eat lollies, ice cream, yoghurts and even jelly for breakfast. She’s having none of it. I coaxed her into trying a lolly in the bath. One lick. Nope. 


2. The VERY strict ‘Water only after teeth brushing’ rule: Right now I’m that scared of her raging temperature and the risk of dehydration that if she’ll drink it, she can have it. I was close to offering her a Diet Coke yesterday, so it’s a good job we haven’t bought the Christmas Baileys yet…

3. Caring about water consumption: I’ve often asked her to stop wasting water (when she flushes an invisible wee away, I tell her we might run out of water and not have enough for her bath🙊) but a hot, steamy shower helped her cough so much this morning that when I asked what she wanted to do next and heard ‘Have a nice hot bath, Mummy’ the plug was in faster than you can say ‘extortionate water bill’.

4. Limiting TV: let’s just say I know exactly what was on Peppa’s shopping list, how much fun it is to be a wriggly worm and every damn word to ‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

5. Sleeping arrangements: after being told by someone who is still trying to remove his six year old son from his bed that it wasn’t a good idea to bed share, we’ve never allowed it, however I found myself in a sofa-sharing slumber party situation at 5am today. Hell, if it means we get some sleep, we’ll do it.  


6. Toilet use: Rose nailed potty training a couple of weeks back, but when she almost fell over as she stood up yesterday the pull-ups came back out. We’ll get back on track, I’m sure. 

7. My diet: After celebrating a three pound loss last week I’m fairly sure the six chocolate biscuits and half a chocolate orange I wolfed down yesterday will put an end to that party – emotional eating at it’s best. 

8. Suffering fools: I don’t have much patience for morons as it is, but yesterday saw two blocked phone numbers, a WhatsApp delete and one Facebook ‘unfriend’ – you know my child is sick and you’re being a dick? No thanks.

9. Keeping my shit together: Crying at the drop of a hat and generally doing stupid things (sliced banana in a cup of tea, anyone?) seems to be the way I roll this week, so until Daddy T brings the men in white coats home with him I’ll just crack on.


10. Caring about my appearance: its a total fluke that my underwear matches today and that’s about where it ends. It’s a good job I went for a swim on Wednesday, or my body might have wondered what water actually felt like before I shared Rose’s hot shower this morning. 

It’s horrible having a poorly child, and I’m hoping this is a run-of-the-mill illness that we will see the back of by the weekend. My heart goes out to anyone who is taking care of a seriously ill child, I can only begin to imagine how consumed with fear you must be. Huge love to you all xx xx xx 



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